A short-film exploring identity in the face of crisis, discussing pandemic related racism and presenting a heartfelt counter-narrative from three young Asian Australians with strong ties to their community; Elle Shimada, a Japanese violinist, Ngoc Tran, business owner of Shop Bao Ngoc, and Cr Anthony Tran, Australia’s youngest mayor.


 The Covid-19 pandemic has been the defining global experience of 2020, and brought to light how crises can exacerbate experiences of already marginalised communities. An ANU survey found over 80% of Asian Australians faced discrimination this year and numerous news reports indicate these incidents are rising due to the pandemic-related stigma. 


These numbers however, cannot begin to encapsulate the emotional experience that comes with being of Asian heritage during today’s climate. As we struggle to find our footing in an adjusting world, we are also faced with the burden of the rising tide of prejudiced undercurrents that Australian society struggles to reconcile with. 


This project is a visual exploration of identity in the face of crisis, following the stories of Elle Shimada as she shares her experiences living as a Japanese-Australian violinist in Melbourne, Ngọc Trần who is the young Vietnamese-Australian business owner of Shop Bao Ngoc, and Cr Anthony Tran as the youngest elected mayor of Maribyrnong at the age of 22.


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